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I have been in the health care industry for just over thirty years.


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Explore & Retreat with Tracey & Gordon in the West Indies

Experience where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean & choose from many adventures such as:

  • Daily Yoga Practice
  • Beach Snorkeling at Buccament Bay
  • Short or Long Hikes to Fresh Water Falls
  • Volcanic Hike
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Hi, I'am Tracey

Why retreat?

People go on retreat for a number of reasons, usually to focus on positive personal change

  • Self Connection
  • Learn and practice
  • Relax at a deep level
  • Rejuvenate your Spirit
  • Take time for reflection
  • Gain clarity
  • Find meaning in your life
  • Heal
  • Practice your Faith
  • Contemplate
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Helping Those

That are in pain, stressed or overwhelmed. Re-regulate the nervous system together in a safe and trusting environment, exploring and practicing resources that work and support your needs.

Caribbean Retreats

St. Vincent & the Grenadine

Yoga Therapy Classes

Recover from Pain &

Paddleboard Yogalaties

Combine Yoga/Pilates on a fresh water lake

Retreats and Workshops

Vancouver Island
British Columbia

Biodynamic Craniosacral

The Intention of Treatment is to Enhance the Body's Self-healing...

Tachyon Therapy

Create Balance &


Somatics Therapy

Retrain your Brain from
Being In Pain


30+ Years Work

I have been in the health care industry for just over thirty years. While servicing in a medical field, I realized that there is more to health, wellness and healing that our typical western medicine practices can't provide.

Struggling myself over the years with chronic pain due to Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and the anxiety and depression that come with the situation, I searched for many years to find relief. With much perseverance, I found Meditation, Yoga, Craniosacral Therapy and the Healing of Touch to be a huge resource for my healing and remission.

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I have been in the health care industry for just over thirty years.

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