True Touch


Tracey Babb Pike


Yoga Teacher

Holistic Practitioner

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Tachyon Technology Practitioner

"Discover your inner beauty, strength, confidence and peace, one breath at a time."


  Spring is on its way!

Commit to self-caring today... 

   All Classes at

The Gardens


Aurora Wellness Ctr.

Are Cancelled

but offered at their regular time slots

via: Zoom

Visit the Class Schedule and email me the class time you wish for the Zoom Link 

Tracey Babb Pike


(250) 248-4168

Good News

Please stay well


safe at home

in your own

sacred space!

Enjoy the live Zoom Yoga Classes from that place...

By Donation

Get your mat, props, water and maybe some soft music in the background.

May you Experience

Joy, Peace & Happiness Everyday!