The Afternoon 


Take time for you

Take care of you.

What is the Afternoon retreat ?

Treat yourself or a friend or 2, to a relaxing afternoon!

Complete the afternoon “Intake form” so Tracey can get familiar with you and know your heart’s desire during this 3 hour personal spa retreat.

This time can be personal and reflective, or you can work specifically towards healing an ache or pain, or possibly healing an old emotional wound!

The afternoon will start  intake form and getting to know each other over a cup a tea, before we start with a guided meditation to set your intention.

Followed by a tranquil yoga class that is suited for your specific needs. If more movement opposed to stretching is what you need, we can modify the class to your needs.

During this time, there will be endless assortment of hot or cold tea along with healthy snacks being served.

You will have opportunities to reflect, journal, read or visit before and after your one on one Craniosacral therapy or Reiki session with Tracey.


Thereafter you will have more opportunity to finish your refreshment, reflect, journal, visit or read in the far infrared sauna or in the garden. (Bring your Bathing Suit)


Following a low heat infrared sauna, it is highly recommended to shower of the toxins! Please enjoy the alive mineral outdoor shower provided with all the towels and toiletries you will need.


All the water entering at Tracey’s True Touch Therapy is filtered at the main and triple vortex. Therefore all the tap water/drinking water is alive, filtered and chemical free!


May you also enjoy Peace, Peace, Peace….

Cauffeur may be needed? LOL

Tracey Babb Pike

What is included in the Afternoon retreat?


  • Endless Tea and Healthy Snacks

  • Safe and Sacred Enviroment to Be Yourself

  • Personal Intake to Satisfy Your Needs of the Day

  • Opening Meditation to Set Intention

  • Yoga or Movement Class

  • Private Craniosacral, Reiki or Massage Treatment

  • Personal Time to Journal or Visit

  • Infrared Sauna, Outdoor Alive Mineral Shower and Drinking Water

  • All the Towels, Robes, Toiletries, Yoga Mats and Props You Need!

  • Optional: Smudging, Tarot Card Reading

$187 - save $50

Afternoon retreat value : $237

Suitable from 1 to 4 people

July & August, 2021

Friday - Saturday or Sundays

1:00 to 4:00pm

step 1

Let's set up a  perfect date for your retreat.

Let's chat!

step 2

Etransfer to my email or pay directly to me 

at the retreat.

step 3

Please complete and deliver this form to me. Ideally prior to your date.  Looking forward to

offering you a personal touch to your retreat! 

Take time for you :)