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The History of biodynamic craniosacral therapy?

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is fairly new to Canada, but is being taught around the world based on the medical doctor and surgeon, Osteopathic Dr. Andrew Still. This American doctor started the very first osteopathic medical school in 1892 in Kirksville, Missouri. He understood that the human body is composed of many parts and were all intimately related as a functional whole. He then proved he could restore health by treating the body with his hands, naming it "Osteopathy". Osteo meaning "bones" and Pathy meaning "feeling" or "suffering".


In this Osteopathic school was a brilliant student, Dr. William Sutherland, who, in his final year of Osteopathic medicine in 1898, discovered and proved the cranial bones (head bones) were able to move and not be totally fused, as once believed.


After much research, he discovered that these cranial bones had a very specific respiratory motion like gills of a fish and explored the involuntary system of “breathing” in tissues and soon understood its significance to optical health and its relationship to the rest of the human body and mind. He concluded that this respiratory motion is produced by the body’s inherent life-force, which he referred to as the “Breath of Life” and when this Breath of Life was available and functioned together in harmonious motion throughout the body, then there was life-force.


He studied this for years and came up with the concept and envisioned a totally new medical system of Craniosacral Therapy. Since then, Dr. William Sutherland has had many followers and research doctors studying with him and after him, some of them you may of heard of, such as Dr. Kern, Dr. Shea, Dr. Sill and Dr. Upledger. Its because of these founders and their studies and achievements that we today know and can prove that health is an active principle: it is a living, breathing reality that can be felt by knowledgable hands.

Hi Tracey,

I refer friends in need of spiritual/grounding support almost every day! Your few treatments helped me and my family focus on what is really important, Breathing!  My son has not had a single night terror since his work with you!!! Your healing sessions have been the ground work for where we are today,

moving forward and happy:)      Shiray Raines