Saint Vincent is the largest of the 32 Grenadine Islands and Cays, located in the Southern Caribbean Sea, covering approximately 400sq km of lush, volcanic mountains, hills and plantations.  St. Vincent means "Island of the Blessed".  With tumbling waterfalls, verdant rainforests, magnificent coral reefs and an active volcano.  There is so much natural beauty and rich in cultural heritage, it is still relatively untouched by tourism & remains a wonderful place to get away from it all and soak up some true Caribbean culture.

       Gordon has been coming to St. Vinny for over 30 years, with his 1st visit in 1989. Gordon worked in Canada with bodybuilder, Brother Vincent Llewellyn, who highly spoke of his beautiful country and family.  Soon after Gordon had to experience what Vincent was talking about & he too he fell in love with the beautiful Caribbean people and their land.  With much respect, in no time he was making longtime friendships with the locals and learning their culture.

       Travelling from Canada & or London, England on several occasions, Gordon was able to explore many hidden & magical places on St. Vincent island, as well as some of the smaller islands.  Bequia, Barbados & Canouan to name a few.  Each having their own unique flare & attraction with beautiful black, brown or white sand beaches.

     Part time living in St. Vincent & organizing Volcanic Yoga Hikes up Mount La Soufri'ere, (one of the volcanoes) has been Gordon's vision & dream.  His vision had really transformed after meeting Tracey, of Parksville, B.C., in 2015.  As she is the Yoga Teacher he has been envisioning to collaborate his St. Vincent Retreats of daily excursions, or rest and digest the beauty.  Included in this retreat is a low grade 2.5 hour hike up the volcano, which is now claimed dormant & has sealed itself off.

     Together Tracey & Gordon have explored St. Vincent & all it has to offer & truly wish that experience for everyone!  They have created great sustainable relationship with many local professionals, that also wish to contribute and share their island with tourism.  

Please email for more information and to reserve your January or February 2021 Retreat.



St. Vincent

& the Grenadine Islands