My Committment

          to You

In accordance with the BC Ministry of Health Guidelines, I have implemented the following policies and procedures to ensure your health and safety while returning for private consultations & holistic sessions.

  1. SEEING MAXIMUM OF 2 PEOPLE ADAY:  In order to ensure adequate safety & slow integration, keeping less social distancing, I have limited the number of people I see in a day to 2.  Leaving plenty of time for an increase in protocol of disinfecting & cleaning.  All for yours, mine & all others Safety😊


  1. SELF SCREENING: Please do not keep your appointment if you are feeling unwell or have any or all of the following symptoms: COUGHING, FEVER, SORE THROAT or DIFFICULTY BREATHING, and I will do the same!  It will be mandatory that we cancel!


  1. KEEPING OUR DISTANCE:  Please be sure of staying 2 meters away.  I will greet you at the time of your appointment at the side gate. (Please don’t be too early or late).  I will do the touching of gate latch, door knobs and lead you the way, (fully masked & gloved) with a welcoming greeting underneath😊


  1. SAFETY:  Please use hand sanitizer provided and take a mask if you wish for your session.


  1. PERCAUTIONS:  Please use the restroom at your home before you leave the house, limiting to any extra exposure.  But, by all means, if you have to use the bathroom, it will be disinfected before and after your use.


  1. INCREASED CLEANING PROTOCOLS: Cleaning/disinfecting of “frequently touched surfaces” such as light switches, door handles, door jams, etc. will be conducted before and after each session. A Government of Canada approved disinfectant will be used.


  1. ADDITIONAL SIGNAGE: I have posted addition signage throughout the space. Reminding everyone of the physical distancing requirements, entry and exit protocols, and the importance of hand hygiene.



In order for the previously mentioned policies & procedures to be 100% effective in insuring the continued health and wellbeing of yourself and others.I respectfully request your help with the following:


  • ENTERING AND EXITING THE STUDIO/GARAGE TREATMENT ROOM: Please do not enter or exit the yard or outdoor studio until instructed to do so by myself.  I will get the latches and knobs, the less you touch the better.

  •  MASKS:  I will definitely be wearing a mask at all times, during your stay & session.  You, wearing of a mask, is optional.  Please wear or bring your own mask, or I will provide you with one, this is not mandatory, but is wise for the vulnerable.

  • LIMITED PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Please refrain from bringing unnecessary items into the treatment room.  There is a lot of outdoor covered space to leave your bags, purses, cell phones, coats, or in your car. There are hooks and shelves available.

  • All the bedding, pillowcases, blankets & Tachyon crystal & any products used, will be washed & disinfected in between each session.

  • EXERCISE PATIENCE: I understand the inherent difficulties in implementing the BC Ministry of Health Guidelines and the inconvenience it may cause. I greatly appreciate your patience and cooperation during this difficult time.

  • Please be respectful of your fellow community members while participating in what you do!


Tracey Babb Pike