12 Week Online Program

June 10 to August 27, 2020

Wednesday:  5:30am to 7:00am


Thursday: 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Repair, Revitalize & Become a Healthier Soul

Are you feeling stuck, stressed, or exhausted of the same old thing?  Do you have self-doubt or fears that get in your way?  Are you struggling with making decisions, and not following through?

Well, you are not alone!  We have all been there too, as well as many others before us……

But we have many practical tools to help you overcome this pattern in your life…    It takes Practice, Awareness and Commitment… 

Rule of thumb says, any new habit takes 60 days… We are offering 90 days, to be sure you will get the results you desire!


Louise Clarke, https://aurorawellnesscentre.com/about-us  & Tracey Babb Pike, https://www.truetouchtherapy.ca/tracey-true-touch-therapy  have gathered and combined many years of knowledge, practice & expertise, creating a live program, that keeps you accountable, vulnerable, and hopefully honest.  We developed this 12 week program, with the help of leading health & wellness professionals, that we both have had to privledge to learn from, either privately, online, youtube, or via books, throughout the many years of our practice, experience & teachings.  We incorporated the best, tried & true, lifestyle management practice tools, that made a difference in ours & so many other lives, & we wish to share that with you.   We will guide you, step by step, to dissolve your inner and outer blocks, so you will Feel Empowered to Pursue a Life of Purpose, Productivity, Freedom and Joy.


We are only accepting 12 registrants per class, so please register early



A Few of Many Benefits and Results, you will Gain from this Program:

  • Less Stress and Pain

  • More Joy and Confidence

  • Deeper Sleep

  • Sharper Communications

  • Feeling of Well-Being

  • Less Anxiety and Depression

  • Clearer Mind

  • Better Focus

  • Healthier Relationships

  • Deep Peace and Contentment

What You Receive as a Participant:

  • 90-minute, Personal, Kickstart Vision & Action Plan Session with Tracey & Louise:

Together we’ll personalize your program by clarifying your goals, so you can be sure to achieve what is most important to you, during our time together.

  • Weekly, (Wed. or Thurs) Group Zoom Gatherings:

In your own created sacred space we will join weekly, as a group, via zoom.  Tracey & Louise will teach the practice of the day.  As a group we will learn new techniques, practice, journal & share. 

  • Mid Week Check In:

During the 12 weeks, you will be assigned an accountability partner to check in with weekly & bounce of situations, ideas & plans.

  • 2 Bio Energy Sessions with Louise:

Experience your energy field opening and unblocking old patterns.  Book your 1st session prior or at the beginning of the program and 1 at the end or after the program. Virtual distant healing is an option.  Pre-book your 1st session, with Covid 19 Protocol & standards

  • 2 Craniosacral Therapy Treatments with Tracey:

Experience the sense of wholeness and tide.  Allowing health to be a priority. Book 1 appointment at the beginning of the program & 1 at the end or after. Virtual distant healing is an option. Pre-book your 1st session,  with Covid 19 Protocol & standards

  • During this time, you will get familiar with your Yoga (Union) Mat:

Together and privately we will be practicing various philosophies, tried & true ideas of many teachers before us.  Helping you move forward, having opportunities for personal practice, reflection & communication.  We create time for movement, meditation, stillness & stretch.  You will get to know yourself & others & learn how to love yourself.

  • 1, 30 Minute Photobiomodulation Light Therapy Bed Session, with half price sessions at your request during the 12 weeks, if desired.

  •  1, 30 Minute Bemer  Physical Vascular Therapy Treatment, with half price sessions at your request during the 12 weeks. 

  • 90 Day of Priority Email Access:

Throughout the program you will have VIP access to your assigned teacher, for quick questions & feedback between classes & sessions.

  • Free Access to Online Weekly Group Guided Yoga Practices, with Tracey Babb Pike, during the 12 weeks.

  • Fun, Creative & Inspiring Coaching to Help You Succeed:

You will learn new ideas, that resonate with you, honouring the humour & humality, possibly with a new perspective within you!

  • Frequent Emails of References & Resources to Empower You More:

As we meet weekly & learn from each other, Louise & Tracey will have more and more information to share and deliver.  With permission, we will email you the material that is suggested to explore.


Your Commitment to This Program Includes:

  • Showing up fully ready for coaching & healing at your scheduled appointments.

  • Build a trusting relationship together.

  • Committing to consistency to create your best possible outcome.

  • Be willing to love yourself & give yourself permission to be okay when you don’t know all the answers.

  • A willingness to take risks & stretch beyond your comfort zone to try new things.

  • Taking what you’ve learned through our time together & applying it into your daily life

  • Celebrate your achievements & shift toward wellness.

  • Give yourself permission to be the Authentic, Beautiful YOU!

Our Commitment to You Includes:

  • Believing in you, supporting you & guiding you every step of the way to empowerment.

  • Allowing you to be 100% authentic.

  • Share in-depth tools you need to move forward in your personal growth.

  • Be kind, patient & honest at all times, so you can express your deepest thoughts in a safe & sacred environment.

  • Sharing creative ideas & inspirations to keep you moving forward, toward your greatest good.

This program is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical symptoms or conditions.

Total Value:

4 Private Sessions: $380

18 Hours Class & Practice time: $1170

Online weekly available yoga classes: $120

1, 30 Min. Photobiomodulation Light Therapy Bed Session: $45

Priority Email & Support 6 days a week: Invaluable

Total: $1715


Special Offer: $977

Save $938

Works out to only $81.41 a week, all inclusive

Commit before May 30 with down payment of $466.50

                      Remaining $466.50 payment due June 6, 2020


Please message us if you wish any more information and to see if this program is suitable for you!