Hi, I'am  Gordon

Intuitive Massage Therapist

Crystal Bar Massage Therapist

Tachyon Holistic Practitioner

Usui Reiki Practitioner

Alive Water Specialist


In 2005, Gordon Started his own healing journey practicing massage therapy in Vancouver, Canada.  Thereafter he went to England to experience Tachyon Therapy, where he gained immense change in health.  Soon after, he came certified in all his modalities, passionately helping and educating others to also heal.

Gordon has had many influences and teachers in his career, and he is especially grateful for the teachings of Osho, who deeply inspired him.

Usui Reiki Practitioner, Level 1 & 2, 2004 - Vanc. B.C.

Intuitive Massage Therapy 500hrs 2005 - Vanc. B.C.


Spending many years learning with his teacher, Ma Ananda Sarita,(2005 to 2014) in England, he required his Tachyon Holistic Practitioner Certificate as well as Crystal Bar Massage Therapy to add to his credentials. 

Gordon true passion is working with Alive Water Systems!  He has been a distributor since 2005, joining the team at Ecoaeon, in London England.  His motto is, "Water is for Life (all life)" educating many, of the importance of water for healthy living.  Starting his career with the distribution of the double vortex water system, which has just improved and advanced the systems to a quadruple vortex.  Studies and proven to filter, purify and activate the water for bathroom, kitchens, or even better for the whole house.


Visit www.ecoaeon.com for more information, but please contact Gordon for a quote.   .  



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