Balancing the Ying & the Yang energies of the body .

Hatha yoga & Somatic therapy

 All Yoga Classes are virtual only,

during these unsafe times


Hatha Yoga is the style of class that is incorporated in all of my classes.  


Balancing the Ying (Moon) and the Yang (Sun) energies of the body through movement of the postures. This gentle, yet challenging class you will be exploring the fundamental postures of yoga with emphasis on breathing. This practice helps you open and strengthen your body, rejuvenate the spine, soothe the nervous system, lengthen the muscles, and focus the mind.


Full posture and modifications of each pose will be taught to accommodate all levels of fitness.  Typically a class will leave you feeling both energized and relaxed! Drop in anytime and decide if you wish to continue with purchasing a pass.

What is Hatha yoga?


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