Balancing the Ying & the Yang energies of the body .

Hatha  Yoga &

Somatic Therapy

I know I speak on behalf of all your students when I say ”thank you” for pursuing yoga instruction. From my perspective, you are right where you should be, and as a bonus, we all get to benefit.




Hatha Yoga is the style of class that is incorporated in all of my classes.  


Balancing the Ying (Moon) and the Yang (Sun) energies of the body through movement of the postures. This gentle, yet challenging class you will be exploring the fundamental postures of yoga with emphasis on breathing. This practice helps you open and strengthen your body, rejuvenate the spine, soothe the nervous system, lengthen the muscles, and focus the mind.


Full posture and modifications of each pose will be taught to accommodate all levels of fitness.  Typically a class will leave you feeling both energized and relaxed! Drop in anytime and decide if you wish to continue with purchasing a pass.

What is Hatha yoga?

Fall Group Yoga Classes
Ends October 31, 2021 
Tracey is away
on a personal retreat,
returning 2022.

I recently attended Tracey's yoga class at Aurora Wellness Centre and it was fabulous.

As a newcomer to yoga I felt totally within my comfort zone. Tracey provided multiple options for all levels, with her instruction and with the small class size was able to provide everyone the individual attention they required. There was good balance between stretching, concentration and meditation and I felt very relaxed after the class.

The "ambience" of the yoga studio/location is also very calming and invited.  I am looking forward to more of Tracey's classes.




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