1/2 Day Healing  Retreat

for 2 or more in your bubble

Book your 3 hour
pampering day with
Tracey & Louise
Aurora Wellness Centre, Parksville
1989 Kaye Rd., Rivers Edge

Wednesday to Sunday
1:00 to 4:00pm

What You Receive:

75 Minute of 1 Holistic Session:
Bio-Energy Healing
Craniosacral Therapy
Laser Light Therapy,
Bemer Vascular Therapy
Aroma Therapy Reflexology
or Relaxation Massage
1/2 Hour Experience of the Healing Power of Movement Therapy
Hypnotherapy Relaxation Meditation
Energy Clearing & Balancing
Healthy Refreshments & Snacks
Relaxation & Pampering
All Retreats are Customized to the Individuals Needs

$187 per person

"Thank you Tracey & Louise for delivering a great morning for Karen and I yesterday.  I have so much gratitude for both your services, over this past year.  I felt amazing walking  out of this morning retreat, and definitely felt a shift in me:)"       Jacqueline

"I recently had an amazing healing morning with Tracey & Louise at Aurora Wellness Centre.  The peaceful enviroment is perfect for restoring balance & is surrounded by beautiful evergreens.  Louise & Tracey provide care & healing with their varied experiences, with backgrounds in training.  They are very intuitive & supportive.  Perfect for this stressful time if anyone is open to receiving insight & having personal growth aided, this is the place & the experience!  Yoga stretching & exploring chakr energies were 2 areas that were an important part of my morning.   Thank you so much Louise & Tracey            Karen