One Love

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

We Have Made Many Lovely, Respectful Friendships Here in Saint Vincent.

Hopefully You Too, Will be Able to Meet Them When You Attend Our 7 Day, January or February 2021 Yoga, Volcanic Hike Retreats.

My Good Friend Sabrina and Her New Cat.

Ibo, Gordon's Long Time Rasta Friend, Who Will Guide Us Up Mount La Soufriere and Make Sure We are Safe!

Always Many Friendly Goats Grazing and Playing Along the Road Side. They Are So Cute!

Clementine, Showing us How to Roast Breadfruit on an Open Fire on the Beach and How to Clean it! Everyone Here is so Genuinely Helpful!

Breadfruit = Yum, One of My Favorite, Starch & Potato Flavour.

Bonding with Kenrick, our Cook. Amazing Food, Awesome Friendship! Love this Man!

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