What is Happening with Tracey's Retreats?

If you have been wondering about St. Vincent and The Grenadines, Caribbean Retreats, planned for 2021? You are not alone, Gordon and I have been doing the same!

As the world turns, everything is so uncertain at this time. Of course we are still wishing and dreaming of going to the Eastern Caribbean in December to organize the January and February week long retreats. But only 1 cautious step at a time, is the direction we need to take, at this moment.

Time will tell, and it starts with safe international travel, and since that is not possible right now, there is no sense in wasting any more energy on that thought.

It is looking quite possible that this dream may have to wait until 2022 to come to reality!

But that is okay, as things happen for a reason!

We will keep you informed as we step forward.

But one certain, positive news, is that Louise Clarke, from Aurora Wellness Centre (Parksville) and I are collaborating local, inexpensive weekend retreats this summer.

2 days of Mindfulness, Collaboration, Yoga Movement and Stretch. Along with all Meals, Full Planned Activities, Creativity, Reflection and Meditation.

All planned, keeping the essential 2 meters apart, with no over night stays.

When the last minute details come together we will share them to you!

Save the 2020 Retreat Dates:

July 18 & 19

Reset, Recharge, Renew

August 15 & 16

Mind, Body, Balance

August 29 & 30

Beach, Pray, Love

Zoom yoga classes will Re-zoom all Summer long:)

Visit the ongoing schedule anytime: https://www.truetouchtherapy.ca/yoga-parksville

Anyone welcome, lots of variety of beginner to intermediate classes available

All by Donation

June, July, August

I created 2 free audio meditations for your listening, relaxing and focusing pleasure, with more to come.

So please feel free to enjoy them anytime you wish!

Visit https://www.truetouchtherapy.ca/resources-videos for the link

May you be well!

Looking forward to hearing from you and getting together soon.

Much Love and Light,




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