The health & well being of all customers and clients is the utmost concern. 

Our community is the heart of what I do & why I do it. 


I hope this finds you safe and healthy in these uncertain times where conditions around the world vary so greatly – as countries respond so differently to the pandemic in our midst.

We should be grateful here on Vancouver Island for a government that’s chosen immediately to put people first and do whatever necessary to maintain their health.

All of the retreats & programs that are running, have all the protocol & guidelines of

COVID-19 regulations in place.  These mandatory steps will help  keep us all healthy and safe during these challenging times.

Why retreat?

People go on retreat for a number of reasons, usually to focus on positive personal change:

  • Reconnect to your true self

  • Learn and practice methods to better yourself and your life

  • Relax at a deep level

  • Rejuvenate your Spirit

  • Take time for reflection

  • Gain clarity on an issue or your life path

  • Find meaning in your life beyond daily or material concerns

  • Heal

  • Practice your Faith

  • Contemplate

  • Create