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What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatics For Pain Free Living

Somatic (One’s mind relating to their body) therapeutic training. This therapy can unlock your mystery to pain, usually due to muscular imbalance and our unaware behaviours that may inhibit this pattern. By doing the gentle yoga movements we can retrain our brain from not being in pain.

This therapy can unlock your mystery to pain!

What is somatic therapy?

Over the years of being in the fitness industry, I have observed despite the popularity various exercise and diet programs, there is an increasing number of people of all ages complaining of chronic pain! So, what is it? Is the back pain or any other kind of muscular pain really a mystery? Why and how do the muscles become so tight?

Somatics can unlock that mystery of muscular pain, based on the discovery of Thomas Hanna, PHD (1928 – 1990). He combined his expertise of philosophy, movement and neurophysiology to create Hanna Somatic Education and founded the Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training in California.

After hearing, educating and practicing his philosophy I too was able to find more relief in my aching body. As over the years so many of us become habitually and involuntarily contracting our muscles due to our life stresses such as injury, accident, surgery, illness, and repetitive movements. Not only do our muscles lose their ability to relax, but the brain actually loses sensation of the muscles and forgets how to release them! His study teaches us how the brain plays the key roll in creating muscular patterns of contraction.

In the six books Hanna wrote, he was able to prove through clinical work that many conditions deemed by doctors to be structural and pathological in nature are, by contrast functional in nature. Once our sensory motor system improves, our musculoskeletal structure will prove, and the pain will disappear. Then the whole body can improve in health and wellbeing.

Somatics can help you move more intelligently and efficiently as you get older.

- Tracey

How this Somatic Therapy Program Works?

In my Somatic Education program, I will teach you Thomas Hanna’s proven techniques to regain a sense of awareness and control of your body with small movements. You will learn the simple pain free series of movements in class, which will bring you more awareness of your bodies function and habits, giving you more coordination and efficiency in your body’s mobility and function.

​A perfect class and program for chronic muscular back pain!

When these exercises are done regularly, my hope would be that you will experience, like me, the ways in which your movements and habits affect your entire body.

There is specific verbal instruction in this class series, so the need to be able to hear, is important!

You will also need to be able to get on the floor on a yoga mat.

You will be going home with handouts and a program to do on a regular basis.

All Private sessions holistic or somatic or yoga are $125.

Private group bookings, up to 12 participants is $185.

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