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I have been in the health care industry for just over thirty years.


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About Us

Hi, I'am Tracey

Hi, I am Tracey

30+ Years Work Experiences

I have been in the health care industry for just over thirty years. While servicing in a medical field, I realized that there is more to health, wellness and healing that our typical western medicine practices can’t provide.

Struggling myself over the years with chronic pain due to Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and the anxiety and depression that come with the situation, I searched for many years to find relief. With much perseverance, I found Meditation, Yoga, Craniosacral Therapy and the Healing of Touch to be a huge resource for my healing and remission.

Tracey Babb Pike

About Us

Being a rheumatoid arthritis survivor herself she has experienced and tried all sorts of yoga ideas and now shares and helps others that are also having health concerns.

Trained as a counselor, somatic therapist and biodynamic craniosacral therapist along with a background of 30 years of medical health, she looks at the whole picture and takes a holistic approach to helping and supporting her clients.

Together you will practice yoga and various techniques, so she can design a program that works for you.  Leaving you with instruction to practice and return for follow up, so you can reevaluate the situation and create positive outcomes.

Our Testimonials

” I am so thankful to have met Tracey and I only wish our paths had crossed so much sooner. I appreciated that from our first introduction, she took extra time and effort to get to know me including my complex health struggles and needs while expressing a genuine compassionate enthusiasm and interest in helping. For someone who is usually quite reserved, this was a step outside my comfort zone but with her kind and fun nature, I quickly felt trust and at ease with Tracey.

The passion that Tracey has for helping people shines through and continues to inspire in every correspondence we’ve had – it is worth noting that she has also taken the time to check in on me in between sessions which further demonstrates her attention to care and commitment. The wealth of knowledge, tools, and resources she has provided me with has further highlighted that extra personalized touch that has made all the difference. I can’t thank you enough Tracey for all your help, support, and guidance but most importantly for being you! “



Hi, I'am Gordon

Intuitive Massage Therapist, Crystal Bar Massage Therapist, Tachyon Holistic Practitioner, Usui Reiki Practitioner, Alive Water Specialist

In 2005, Gordon Started his own healing journey practicing massage therapy in Vancouver, Canada. Thereafter he went to England to experience Tachyon Therapy, where he gained immense change in health. Soon after, he came certified in all his modalities, passionately helping and educating others to also heal.

​Gordon has had many influences and teachers in his career, and he is especially grateful for the teachings of Osho, who deeply inspired him.

Usui Reiki Practitioner, Level 1 & 2, 2004 – Vanc. B.C.

Intuitive Massage Therapy 500hrs 2005 – Vanc. B.C.

Spending many years learning with his teacher, Ma Ananda Sarita,(2005 to 2014) in England, he required his Tachyon Holistic Practitioner Certificate as well as Crystal Bar Massage Therapy to add to his credentials.

Gordon true passion is working with Alive Water Systems! He has been a distributor since 2005, joining the team at Ecoaeon, in London England. His motto is, “Water is for Life (all life)” educating many, of the importance of water for healthy living. Starting his career with the distribution of the double vortex water system, which has just improved and advanced the systems to a quadruple vortex. Studies and proven to filter, purify and activate the water for bathroom, kitchens, or even better for the whole house.

Visit www.ecoaeon.com for more information, but please contact Gordon for a quote.


Gordon Jackson

Contact Gordon at

For a Intuitive Massage and or Advanced Tachyon Session.

To learn more about Tachyon, please visit:

Yoga & Fitness Education

Canadian Red Cross

Paddleboard Yoga Instructor Training

Jamiee Stokes, Sport Science, Vancouver

Feb. 20, 2018, Jaimee Stokes, Sport Science, Vancouver

Assessing & Training Elements of Fascial System, Part 1 & 2, Myofacial Compression Techniques, Trigger Point Therapy to improve strength & stability, Assisting Seniors Toward Aging Positively, Creating a Healthy Mind-Body Connection for Success.

Injury Prevention in Yoga & Pilates, Exercise & Arthritis, Release, Relieve, Restore – Myofacia release techniques in yoga.

Doreen Bakstad
BLYS Yoga Studio, Parksville

BLYS Yoga Studio, Parksville

Sessions Attended:

– The Sacrum (6 hrs) Instructor: Brad Waites
– Hands of an Angel, Learning the Art of Assisting (6 hrs) Lisa Black
– Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis (4 hrs) Margot McKinnon

Seane Corn, Vancouver
Canadian Online Fitness Education

Sessions Attended:

– Bender Ball Method Total Body Conditioning
– How to Bring Yoga Philosophy into your Class
– Musculoskeletal Screening
– Quick & Precise Postural Assessment & Corrective Exercises
– When Small Muscles Become Big Problems
– Unforgettable Fusion of Yoga & Pilates.

BCRPA Yoga Fitness Leader Performance Kavita Maharaj, Licensed YES Provider East to West Yoga, Nanaimo, B.C.
Red Door Yoga, Nanaimo, B.C.
Kavita Maharaj, Licensed YES Provider East to West Yoga, Nanaimo
125 Hours of study & training time
Hatha Yoga, Lantzville, BC June 2004 500 hours of study & training time Vision Arts Yoga, Lantzville

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki & Health Education

Craniosacral Success, North Carolina, USA
Thomas Hanna, Peter Levine, Gordon Knight

March 30, 2019 Om Town Yoga, Nanaimo

Achieving Maximum Benefit from Your Somatics Routine

Rob Selmanovic, Soulworks Body Wisdom

October 18 2018, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, California. Studying the work of trauma & recovery with Dr. Peter Levine

October/November 2017, February/March 2018

Continuing education course: The Face in Depth

Registered BCST July 27, 2015 – Sept 2013

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