6 things to do to prepare for your yoga practice

What to expect from the yoga class?

1. Wear comfortable clothing


Wear comfortable clothing and practice barefoot. Always practice on an empty stomach, with an empty bladder and bowel. Wait at least two hours after a full meal and one hour after a snack.


2. Warm up gently


Warm up gently as you start your yoga practice. If you find yourself too stiff, especially in the morning, try a warm shower or hot bath, even a gentle walk prior to class.
Press yourself only as far as you can with comfort in each pose. Never force or bounce and always move gently and slowly with respect for your body. Yoga is an unhurried and balanced life practice so try to find the edge; that place that you know is your personal maximum stretch.
Yoga is a very individual practice, so never push yourself into a place of pain. If a pose is not right for you, please mention it to me, there is usually an alternate stretch that can be performed.


3. Don’t compare yourself

Don’t compare yourself with others- not even yourself as each day is different. Yoga focuses our attention on the present moment and you will progress at the pace that is right for you.



4. Maintain constant breath 


Remember to maintain constant breath while you hold your Asanas. Breathing deep, long and full into that stretched area. Let your breath sooth and relax you as you conduct your yoga practice and concentrate on each pose as you perform it.



5. Let me know if you are experiencing any back pain


Please let me know if you are experiencing any back pain prior to your yoga practice. Back pain should be proceeded with extreme caution or, better yet, wait until the pain is gone. Some Asanas are safe and beneficial for back pain and I am more than willing to show you which ones. Consult your doctor before embarking on any yoga program if you currently have pain or a history of back trauma.
Avoid inverted poses if you are a menstruating woman, or if you are pregnant. If you are pregnant you should start a yoga program in the early months or weeks only, and then practice continuously.
Try to practice regularly, even 10 minutes of your busy schedule would make a difference. Yoga is a way of life not just an exercise program!

6. Congratulate yourself

Congratulate yourself for taking the initiative to improve your quality of health and life. The benefits are endless as you improve your flexibility, reduce stress and most of all liven you spirit.