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Somatics For Pain Free Living

Fridays: 10:00am to 11:00

May 10 to June 28

8 weeks

The Gardens Wellness Room, Q.B., BC

            Somatics (Mind relating to the body) therapeutic training.  This therapy can unlock your mystery of pain, usually due to muscular imbalance and our unaware behaviours that my inhibit this pattern.  By doing the gentle yoga movements we can retrain our brain from not being in pain.

            In this Somatic Education Program, I will teach you this techniques to regain your sense of awareness and control of your body with small movements.  You will learn the simple pain free series of movements in class, which will bring you more awareness of your bodies function and habits, giving you more coordination and efficiently in your body's mobility and function.

             There is specific verbal instruction in this class series, so the need to be able to hear, is important!

You will also need to be able to get on the floor on a mat.

You will be going home with handouts and a program to do on a regular basis.​

       $95 - pro-rated if you can't make all 8 classes.